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Where All Is Blue [percussion and electronics]

Where All Is Blue [percussion and electronics]


Solo for percussion and electronics (fixed media)


rogram Note

Where all is blue explores the scientific phenomena of how colours seem to disappear the deeper you go underwater. Different wavelengths of light penetrate to different depths in the ocean, creating the illusion that coloured objects change in appearance as they descend underwater. The longest wavelengths reach the greatest depths, and these are represented by the colour blue. Sonic illusions reflective of these underwater visual illusions are created in this work by blending the vibraphone with crotales, resonant aluminium tubes and subtle electronics. The music slowly drifts, slides, and descends from a colourful timbral and higher frequency palette, evolving to a pure and constrained sound world of lower frequencies, where all is blue.



vibraphone, crotales [C6, Eb6, E6, F6, G6, Ab6, B6, Eb7, E7] 3 x aluminum pipes tuned to E5, C5, and Bb4.


Technical requirements

In-ear headphones Stereo Speakers (PA) audio interface laptop

The electronics are prerecorded and consist of a sine tone backing and click track.

Click track to be worn in ear with electronics coming through front of house.

The two tracks are the same length and should be cued simultaneously at the start of the performance. The sine tones begin at 01:46.

Add additional reverb if required.


Electronics files included in download.


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