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where all is blue (2023) 7:40min [solo percussion and electronics (fixed media)] 

Step (2020) 4min [solo cello] listen

Small Stones That Start An Avalanche (2020) 7min [solo classical guitar] listen

Patience (2019) 8:30min [solo double bell trumpet] listen



Uncertain Meditations (2022) 9:00min [Brass Quintet: 2 Trumpets, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba] 

The Visitor (Sorry, I can't stay) (2022) 7:30min [Flute, Bass Clarinet, Percussion] 

Littoral Zone Response (The Cove) (2021) 10min [Flute, Bass Clarinet, Harp, Electric Guitar, Electronics (fixed media)] 

Joy Gleams (2021) 5min [Viola and Piano] 

Salt (2018) 20min [Flute/Piccolo, Bass Clarinet/Clarinet in B flat, Violin, Cello, Piano] listen

Nautical Twilight (2017) 8:30min [String Quartet and Electronics (tape)] listen

Fata Morgana (2017) 13min [Alto Flute/Piccolo, Bass Clarinet/Clarinet in B flat, Violin, Cello, Piano] listen 

About Light (2017) 8min [Bass Clarinet, Piano, Baritone Voice] 

Hystericus and Other Mostly Women's Words (2016) 8min [Flute, Violin, Cello, Bass Clarinet] listen

Gasp (2014) 7min [Flute, Cor Anglais and Piano] 

Come Out Closer (2013)  7min [Trumpet, Trombone] listen

Wild Flowering (2013) 5min [Clarinet Quartet] 

The Music Box (2012) 5min [2 Clarinet, Viola, Cello, Trumpet, Trombone, Glockenspiel]

Beginners Dance Class (2011) 12min [Trumpet, Vibraphone]


Tide (2018) 6:30min [3333, 4331, timp+4, celeste, harp, strings]

Undertow (2014) 9min [1121, 4331, timp+2, piano, harp, strings] 

Emerge (2013) 11min [2222, 22, timp+1, celeste, 2 harp, strings] 


Sunrise on the Coast (2013) 5min [SATB]

In Principio (2013) 6min, [SATB]



Upward Spiral (2010) 9min [big band]

Sneaky Sneaker, Creepy Creeper (2010) 6min [big band]

Granadia (2010) 6min,  [Big Band and Trumpet Soloist] 

A Suite State Of Repair (5 movements) (2009) 40min, [Jazz Orchestra]

The Mending (2009) 8min [big band] 

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